What's up (info and end of BETA)

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I'm quite annoyed with just about everybody and everything here so let's review.

The forums are now restored and our staff situation is the exact same before I woke up yesterday with the exception of shell access. Going forward Duff, SomeGuy and I will be the only ones with shell access.

To whoever was unjustly banned on instant join of #winboards IRC yesterday, I personally apologise for that and you are welcome back.

noone: I do not *ever* want to wake up to *that* again. Dumb BA kids are dumb - they are going to spam this forum and that is about it. OK, so just toss it all in the river, toss an IP ban in phpBB, and call it a day. Blocks in iptables are reserved for extreme situatations. In addition, there's no reason you need to spawn a full root shell to do that. That was not your server to make a call on. You know very well I run other things on this box. If you think it's truly a dire situitation warranting something like that, you fucking call me and get my approval.

Kirk: Duff and I reviewed you have like nothing registered in the mod queue here. Do some work man. The mod cleaning here is 99% me, Duff and noone. Stop just advertising your personal services that's not why you're staff.

As far as BETA stuff goes we are officially done. We will not be entertaining any requests for this at all. We will keep the limited downloads we have now but there are better ways to handle this type of thing in pipeline.

phpBB is severely fucked and guest posting is entirely eliminated now. We will update site references when we can. Please do not submit us GC about the new lack of guest posting!. I have attempted to move to IPB however their conversion tool will not function with PostgreSQL.

There is no need for any replies to this at all. Staff concerns can be made in the admins board. VIP concerns can be made in VIP board. Anybody else? Please just shut up.
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