[Offer] Programs from Softkey

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This thread is for offering any programs from Softkey Software Products, Inc.

*Key Paint 2000 v3.88 (Released in 1991)

Attached content : 2 Disk Image (3.5" 720KB) / 1 Diskette Art (2 disks)

SHA1:f34a84818229e85aca69bd945fddd87332343b96 / DISK1.IMA
SHA1:8cf42766ae2221b04aa8170bc8a94a0f53ec5733 / DISK2.IMA

This program requires Mouse.


  • Nice find. So "Key Paint" is just a rebadged Zsoft PC Paintbrush. I'd heard of Key Paint before but did not know that.

    One of these days I am going to have to come up with a complete time line and tree of all the PC Paintbrush offshoots.
  • *Key CAD v6.0 (Released in 1993)

    Attached content : 1 Disk Image / 1 Diskette Art (3.5" 720KB)

    SHA1:1f9c88ebdd0383586d34baa315b9116eca590b6a / KEYCAD.IMG
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