[REQUEST] MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up 3.5" disk

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The MS-DOS 6.2 Step-Up was single-disk update patch that updated MS-DOS 6.0 to MS-DOS 6.2. This was not a full upgrade, and can not be used to upgrade any other version of MS-DOS.

Microsoft made this low-cost update avaialble mainly to fix serious bugs in their DoubleSpace drive compression, and add tools such as SCANDISK to fix the mess. (BTW, There was no MS-DOS 6.1 in order to avoid confusion with PC-DOS 6.1)

As I recall this update was sold in stores for only a few dollars. So I am surprised there aren't still piles of them around.

All of the copies claiming to be 3.5" I see floating around are actually resized 1.2mb disk sets.

Hint: An authentic 3.5" 1.44mb disk image would only have ONE disk. It was the 1.2mb media that had two disks.


  • Good News!
    I've found dumped it.
    (Unfortunately original media was lost, but dumped as twice correctly before I lost.)

    *MS-DOS 6.20 Step-Up (3.5")

    Attached content : 1 Disk Image (3.5" 1.44MB)

    SHA1:813931df30585b4d921d046a33d2c9a33aaffb85 / DISK1.IMA


    *MS-DOS 6.20 Step-Up (5.25")

    Attached content : 2 Disk Image (5.25" 1.2MB)

    SHA1:232d03e3ccb51fd3aee49427dbc1294294ee5d50 / DISK1.IMG
    SHA1:735ab60d69864f26dac116d0f69fb8badda914d5 / DISK2.IMG


    P.S. I'm looking for 3.5" version of MS-DOS 6.22 Step-Up
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