[REQUEST] Visual Studio 6.0 Professional

This may seem like a strange request, but I would like Visual Studio 6.0 Professional if anyone has it. I looked around and only found Enterprise editions. The purpose is for later Visual Studio coverage as part of my project, sometime in January/February 2015.

I do know that VS 6.0 Professional is simply a subset of VS 6.0 Enterprise, but I want to see the visual differences in the installation process, the difference in number of CDs between editions (if applicable) and such.

Many thanks in advance.


  • I have them. Two ISOs grabbed from MSDN long time ago:
    en_vs60_pro_cd1.iso - VSP600ENU1
    en_vs60_pro_cd2.iso - VSP600ENU2

    Will upload them in foreseeable future.

    Edit: There, uploaded to WW servers.
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