Refresher course on IRC etiquette

edited January 2015 in News & Announcements
We don't ask for too much on EFNet #winboards however if you come in for support please DO NOT do this:

20:45 -!- spyjoshx [] has joined #winboards
20:47 < spyjoshx> I need help installing Win98 on my virtualbox machine. It doesn't recognize the CD-Rom image as bootable.
20:48 < spyjoshx> with so many people on you'd think i would get an answer
20:48 -!- spyjoshx [] has quit [Client Quit]
20:49 <@stitch&gt; with a free service being provided by our generousity you'd think you would be a bit more patient

The words IRC is not an instant response is in bold on our IRC page for a reason. This is otherwise ridiculous behavior on IRC and will not be tolerated. Thank you.

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