40GB USB External Hard Drive

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I bought a 40GB usb hard drive from ebay. The listing says PC/MAC compatible. I got it today and upon looking at it.... The side of the case says ClubMac on it. I plugged it into my computer (winXP) anyways. It detects the USB drive, but asks for drivers to install it... The hard drive itself is a Quantum Fireball. I took the hard drive out of the enclosure and is currently formatting it as fdisk said it had no partitions. Anyone have any idea if I can use this or did I get ripped off and have a mac only device on my hands?


  • Probly not if you can find drivers. On the other hand, you still got a good hard Disk
  • Ok, my search says I need
    USB to IDE/ATAPI Driver and Utility for Windows 98 Floppy Disk
    but...no clue how the hell I'm going to find that.
    I suppose...I could buy another hard drive enclosure but that is a last ditch attempt.
  • Did it come with a CD that has drivers? If the box says for PC and Mac then it should have the PC drivers on the CD.
  • Try to partition/format/use it in Windows directly connected to the mahcine. If you can use it, then it's just Windows's poor USB support.

  • There is no box, there are no drivers, it is just a hard drive in a Club Mac enclosure. According to the seller it worked fine for him in windows 2000. I have taken the hard drive out and it formats as a regular drive just fine. I suppose that I may need to buy a new enclosure for it.
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