[OFFER] Compaq QuickRestore for Presario 5660


I posted a message sometime last year about how I'm having trouble with a Compaq QuickRestore CD. Apparently the reason it didn't work is because the CDROM driver included on the disk did not work with the current CDROM drive in my computer. So all I had to do is boot off a floppy that had the Oak CDROM drivers and I just had to start the program manually.

I don't know if you guys want it but I'm willing to upload it if anyone is interested. I even installed it in a virtual machine (Virtual PC 2007) and it works well. Includes some special Compaq applications that only came on Compaq computers, and some bundled applications like Quicken and RingCentral Fax.

Let me know if you guys want the image.



  • I'm not against driver/utility discs as long as they're not needlessly large. This has been a hot topic lately it seems like.
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