[OFFER] VirtualBox 1.3.2 thru 1.5.4

I did some URL "crawling" to try finding VirtualBox versions older than 1.6.0 (last one available on the website -- or at least last one easily available), and together with some Internet Archive magic, I managed to retrieve most versions from the range stated.

For those interested, I found them from https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Download_Old_Builds?version=12. The ?version=12 bit is important. The links are dead now, so I use Internet Archive.

I will be uploading them later today.


  • Here are the versions I managed to retrieve (Windows only):
    - 1.3.2 x86
    - 1.3.4 x86
    - 1.3.6 x86
    - 1.3.8 x86
    - 1.4.0 x86
    - 1.5.0 x86 and AMD64
    - 1.5.2 x86 and AMD64

    All of them have been uploaded.

    These versions are compatible with Windows 2000 as a host operating system; 1.6 and later versions require Windows XP and above as host OS.
  • I wonder why they don't have them on their own web site?
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