[REQUEST] Trend Micro PC-Cillin (PCSCAN) for DOS

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Hi all,

i'm looking in the web for Antivirus software from "Trend Micro" (TouchStone Software Corporation) for DOS, but and find a working download link.

PC-Cillin II (1995) (Archive.org)
PC-Cillin 3 (1997) (Archive.org)
PC-Cillin 4 (????) I cant remenber, but i think PCC4 was the last DOS only version of PC-Cillin with Bootsector protection and autoclean.

Language: English or German (GER/DEU version use a other produtname: Trend Desktop VirusWall)

Also i search the Trend Micro internal version of PCSAN.EXE (alsias: vscan.exe, vscannt.exe) Version 6.x/7.x.

Thank you and Best regards Phoenix
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