[Offer] Khral’s Thai Software Archive

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First post here :3

Here is my collection of Thai software, collect software that made by/for Thai that I can find.
please note that some I can't release it atm, because it still sell/supported by the original publisher or it’s licensed distributor, or it have sensitive information in it.

also, I really glad if some of files in my archive is added to WinWorld for further preservation :D
and please read !README file before download ;)

Link: http://goo.gl/vuDkXt

Note: This archive also have installed Windows 3.1 Thai Edition folder (it at \PC\OperatingSystem\Windows\), recovered from almost death Toshiba T2000SXe hard drive, the file \WINDOWS\SYSTEM\USER.EXE is hex edited to change owner information so it's date is changed.

also, Windows 3.11 3.5" floppy disk image isn't original, it is the same as directory dump one, I manually make the image from clue in SETUP.INF, copy the files to it's disk, I have tested only Microsoft Windows For Workgroups 3.11 Thai Edition (3.5) install on my AST PowerExec 4/33SL with no error, but Microsoft Windows 3.11 Thai Edition (3.5) idk about it (hopefully it will work!).
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