[Request] Redump of Lindows 1.1.1

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After taking a closer look at the versions of Lindows on Winworld, I have come to the conclusion that the Lindows 1.1.1 ISO is beyond repair.

First of all it is dumped with some extra crap that most VM, emulators, and ISO managers barf on. Writing it to a CD and reading an ISO back results in a "normal" ISO. But closer inspection shows that this is a "Warezed" version, and in their attempt to insert their 1337 "nfo" file in to a folder labeled "crack", the geniuses managed to delete the Rock Ridge file system extension, leaving all of the long file names messed up, and rendering the CD unrecognizable to the boot loader.

So on the off chance anyone still has a Lindows 1.x CD, a redump would be appreciated. In the mean time, I have marked the on currently on Windoworld as bad.

The 2.1 version was also dumped in an unrecognizable ISO format, but writing that to a CD and reading it back results in what appears to be a fully functional, in-tact ISO image. So I will upload a fixed version for that.


  • Does anybody really remember where we obtained this from?

    I recall this being in the library for years on end now so I'm not betting anybody does.
  • All I know is a certain archive, that never seems to clean up their garbage, has the exact same borked copy.

    On a side note, due to the lack of love for this product, there probably aren't very many physical copies still out there. Since it isn't "vintage" yet, and most people think of Linux OSes being free, remaining ones will likely get tossed.
  • I have 2 versions of Linspire

    05.13.06.Linspire.Full.Edition.v5.1.427-CFE bin/cue


    never tried them, if you want them
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