[Offer] Lot's of software mid/end 90's early 2000

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First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Roman and I'm 36 years young and I have a backuped all my old software from school and study times. So I have a lot from the mid nighties to mid 2000. So if someone need something from that time, please ask and I will search my datafile. Also have a lot of drivers from that time.

But first of all I uploaded the 2 most valuable programs:

Sisoft Sandra 2001: MD5 a736402d3f2edd4e3f9d6b762c3222a3
Nullsoft Winamp lite 2.76: MD5 7d10b52d10fb7cca3cc3a06963ec8845
Nullsoft Winamp full 2.76: MD5 925b08c88d7af7110cb806f8205e39e0

I just installed me an good old-fashioned Windows 2000 Pro machine. This one I want to use for work and fun on old software. I think this machine is enough for most I do (except for playing Battlefield 4).

/edit: I did my study in the Netherlands so most of my software is Dutch or English, some is in German.
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