[OFFER]Symbian S60 2nd Edition SDK

edited March 2015 in Offers & Requests
Searched for this for several weeks before I found it on some incredibly obscure website. Tested to be the actual SDK, was used for Nokia phones such as the Nokia N-Gage. Originally I was searching for it so I could find someone to make a Nokia N-Gage emulator so I could fuel my selfish obsession with old Elder Scrolls games, as 4 exclusive Elder Scrolls games were released for the N-Gage (and i'll be fucked if i'm paying $300 to play them).

First I searched for the N-Gage Cool, a Nokia N-Gage emulator that didn't play games, I was incredibly disappointed, so I went searching for this, found it, and it's been sitting in my library for years.

Anyone want it?
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