[Offer] Apple GS/OS for the Apple IIgs

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I noticed that we have classic mac system software, but we don't have GS/OS, which is from the same time period as system 4.x-7.0 (1987-1992). It runs on the Apple IIgs computer (which uses a WDC 65816 CPU), and has a very similiar GUI to contemporary Macintosh system software. This was the replacement for the earlier "Prodos 16" Apple IIgs desktop. I have several versions of GS/OS, as well as some other Apple IIgs applications. Let me know if anyone is interested in this!



  • If they are complete originals, please do upload them. I know there are already some GS/OS copies floating around the internet, but I just haven't gotten around to much Apple II stuff.
  • When you say "complete originals" do you mean real floppies from back in the day? If so, yes I have those. What format should I make the images in? Should we use .po or .2MG (from emulators) or should we use something like diskcopy 4.2 from MacOS? I understand that GSOS is floating around on the internet (even available from Apple!) but I felt that we should have it.

  • Yea, I mean as long as it is not some crufty hand labeled copy missing half of its contents. It is good to get factory images when possible, what Apple offers up can sometimes be different.

    Diskcopy 4.2 would work for me, but if you can save it off in additional formats, that would be great.
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