[Offer] Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 and onward

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Hi I have noticed that your downloads for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) are broken and I can offer for you,
MSFS 4.0
MSFS 5.0
MSFS 5.1
MFSF '95 (6.0)
MSFS '98 (7.0?)
MSFS 2000
MSFS 2002

I also have all editions of MSFS after 2002 but not sure if they are "Abandonware" yet. These are all OEM box copies so they will be fully functional.

Thanks Jody565


  • I am uploading (done in ~10 min) MSFS 95 all of the others will need to be done later as they are in shipping and the ones pre 5.1 will need to wait until I get a 5.25" floppy drive (Will have soon)
  • The missing links are due to one of the mirrors here being temporarily off line. That will be resolved in due time.

    But thanks for helping to fill in the versions we don't have.
  • What would the cutoff be for abandonware on Microsoft Flight Simulator?
  • Well, officially on Winworld submissions must be more than 7 years old. But I personally don't usually bother with things produced later than 2000, unless there is some good justification.
  • ok thanks
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