SubLOGIC flight simulators

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Hi I am hopeing to find the first second and third generations of SubLOGIC flight simulator released between 1979-1986. I want to be able to make a video(s) of the creation and improvements of each generation of what is known today as Microsoft Flight Simulator. MSFS started as SubLOGIC flight simulators, Microsoft was allowed to port it to IBM compatibles sometime in 1981-1982 so the journey really starts with SubLOGIC flight simulators.



  • While I don't normally focus on games, flight simulator is one of the more historic ones. And the Microsoft branded version unfairly gets all the glory.

    SubLogic Flight Simulator was ported to many different platforms, and did not originate on the IBM PC. If anyone comes across early versions and cares to share, that would be great.
  • The first IBM PC Port version of Flight Simulator (v1.0) was released by Microsoft (Developed by Sublogic) in 1982. (Not 1981)
  • yes but they didn't necessarily start in 1982. They made the deal sometime between 1981 and 1982
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