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Mirror one is back online so for heavens sake stop abusing it!


  • It is located in Germany? I guess this is a new server. I take it that will complicate getting the uploads working again?
  • SomeGuy, it's the same Hetzner box (well the most recent one) that was used before. Thanks stitch, now hopefully now people will stop complaining endlessly...

    We'll have my server as a secondary mirror, in the same location, to help the share the load in the near future once the mirror system is setup.
  • The database still had the old "France" from OVH long after we moved it into Germany. The actual physical server does not change.
  • *insert obligatory "it's happening" gif here*
  • stitch wrote:
    Mirror one is back online
    Yay, well done! :cheers:
    stitch wrote:
    so for heavens sake stop abusing it!
    I think you can forgive people if they get carried away a bit after some sort of abstinence, at least just in the first few days ;)

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