[OFFER] Microsoft Chart for Dos

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Microsoft Chart for dos version 2.02

Today i found Microsoft Chart was chart program in early to late 80's it interface like Microsoft Muiltplan and Microsoft Word.
It reported that Microsoft Interface Manager from 1983 have same interface Microsoft Chart, Microsoft Muiltiplan and Microsoft Word.
You run Microsoft Chart on VirtualBox, VPC 2007, PCE, VMWARE PLAYER and PCEM all you do install MS-DOS 4.01 but higher
MS-DOS 4.01 Microsoft Chart program do not come on.
The Chart Program menu that bottom screen it common with all Microsoft programs at the time include with Microsoft Word and Muiltiplan.

Update 8)
I fixed Microsoft Chart disk 1 because disk 1 have MS-DOS for a SPERRY computer is incompatible with modern emulation like VirtualBox,
VMware, and PCEM. Disk 1 now have IMA WinImage format compatible with modern day emulator like PCEM. Now Disk 1 do not have
Command.com file so you need have MS-DOS 3.30 boot disk and create MS-DOS 3.30 VM on VirtualBox or PCEM, after you create MS-DOS
3.30 VM than go to FDISK and FORMAT your HARD DISK. Copy boot disk files to MS-DOS 3.30 VM and copy Microsoft Chart file to MS-DOS
3.30 VM. You will see Insert diskette for drive B: and press and key when ready and press enter, you are done.




This link for Microsoft Chart for dos on InfoWorld magazine 1985
https://books.google.com/books?id=-i4EA ... &q&f=false

You can download Microsoft Chart my GOOGLE DRIVE account until i loaded FTP please wait.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XdbN ... IzVEk/view


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