TrueGrid Pro 2.1c Bundled with Visual Basic 3.0

edited January 2017 in Software
Still trying to find TrueGrid Pro 2.1c . Apparently was bundled with Visual Basic 3.0

Thanks Dave


  • These stuff may inside msvb 3 extras like vb5/6 does, do you have checked them?
  • Gee, I stumbled upon this thread accidentally in Google. 2015 and you're trying to find TrueGrid 2.1c??? Well, I'm the author of TrueGrid, and if you still need one, I'm sure I can, somehow, find a copy! Hopefully I'll get notified if anybody ever sees this.
  • Hello Gary, not sure if you are still getting this message (Nov 2019). Actually I was trying to recovery very old software I did in the '90. I pretty much found everything except for the truegrid vbx control used in VB3 and probably some other controls from farpoints, like awarecc, aware..etc
    Great job with the truegrid, it was a very good vbx.
    Is there a way I can get the runtime? Please let me know if you are still there
    Thanks in advance

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