Intel 186 Homebrew

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Earlier in the week, my friend read around and decided he wanted to build a homebrew computer. Not based on the 8 bit 8088, but a full 16 bit 186. I told him to try the easy 8088 (there's a comprehensive guide on it) but he said "I don't wanna waste my time on some 8 bit bullshit". I'll give him credit for 'kind of' thinking this through- the 186 has most of the I/C's onboard, so that eliminates a lot of hassle. (There's the 8 bit 188, but he says that's "cheating")

Well, he decided to halfway take my advice and now he's trying to adapt this guide to the 186.
Next thing I know, he's asking me whether to get the 8 bit 512kword Sram or the 16bit 256kword. I'm cloudy here myself (been a while since I dealt with this stuff) so I decided to take this up here. Any advice on the ram? I've already tried recommending his stubborn self to the easier platform, but when he shows me his 'new' 186 today, there's no stopping.

I might update this post in the future with more questions I can't answer. Would like to see where his project goes...


  • Might not be much help but check out this page

    As for the memory if he's going for a 16bit system might as well go with the 16bit memory. Dunno why he wants to build a 186. They were only around for a very short time then Intel pushed the 286 right over the 186 with in months. Not to mention a 186 would be cheating as well since it is also a Microcontorller. Might as well build a 8086 or even a 286.
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