[COMPLETE] Migration

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Please hold off the uploads. We have a backlogged queue and are doing maintenance preparations.

Staff also please refrain from processing until further notice.

Thank you.


  • Thanks for the heads up.

    The ones I processed earlier didn't cause any problems did they? They didn't get pushed to server 3, but I figured I would just go back and use the manual Push later.
  • No those will be fine.
  • do you know when we all will be able to upload software and os's again?
    FYI i'm new here, but i downloaded software from here and i love it :).
  • When I post in this topic saying otherwise.

    To give a background of why this is happening right now the site and primary web server are the same box and it is all processed locally. The site will be moving to a server in Chicago as I value working with 10ms latency over 130ms. Since my box here does not have the capacity to hold downloads I need to re-engineer a few parts of the site to factor this remote working directory. It is significantly easier for me to do this when I can freeze things as is.
  • Thanks for the info, good to know why my uploads still don't show up.
  • I am going to be working on moving the site and the forums onto individual servers. Things will be wonky in the mean time while this maintenance occurs.
  • The boards are migrated more or less - I will be doing some intermittent configuration although what you see now is running on the new server.

    I need to also note that if you notice a jump in latency - this is to be expected as there's passing between Chicago and Germany.
  • With mail, DNS and boards moved the next up to be moved is the site database to the new SQL infrastructure. The site will be a bit non-responsive when this gets cut-over. Once the cut-over occurs there will be some additional latency until the site itself is moved.
  • All of the database work has been completed and looks to be stable. The site itself will be the next aspect.

    Please note that the increased latency on the site is expected and will be remedied once the site proper has been moved.
  • I have pretty much identified all of the parts required in the code to change to make this work on the new setup. I will be working on this and will apply a patch file to the running site to correct this, then proceed with moving the actual site.
  • I have a patch file composed and will be applying it to the site and preparing it for migration.
  • The site has been moved, pending patch appliance and migration of contributions. (This is not the green light to proceed with uploads in any way).
  • Hello, is it normal that everyone's avatar is broken and that some other images (like smileys) are broken as well? Thanks.
  • garirry wrote:
    Hello, is it normal that everyone's avatar is broken and that some other images (like smileys) are broken as well? Thanks.
    Yes. There are still changes to the site in progress. Just be patient.
  • Avatars should be fixed, the old uploads queue has been moved over and ftp should be setup but I still need to test that later.

    I have flipped all the VMs from virtio network to e1000 emulation so we should avoid the random shutdowns and white pages.

    I have cleared out the keys for old wdl3 and that should re-sync now properly. We will be conducting syncs of 2 and 3 to be conclusive soon.

    I have applied the patch to prevent the handling of uploads to a local wdl1. I will be shutting down wdl1 for migration to a VM within the next day or two.
  • Mirror 1 is back for downloads but I am still working out things for uploads so keep holding on those I will give the green light soon.
  • For the avatars, it's good to see mine back up again and as for the downloads, just as well I downloaded everything I needed before the maintenance had begun, and I typically used Mirror 1 for them anyway. Hopefully things should be fully functional soon. Keep up the good work ;)
  • BTW, if some avatars are still not showing up for anyone, they just need to clear their browser cache.

    Just something I happened to notice. Not that anyone will read this >_<
  • The crontab to process uploads that are larger than like 10MB is now in place and large uploads GOING FORWARD will process properly. This does not include anything that already exists but will sync all that up soon.

    Once that is complete I will fix up the FTP.
  • I have verified that auto-push is functional (via https://winworldpc.com/download/8D74D8B ... 5400B25447 )

    I have copied over the FTP configuration and I am working on finishing up testing on that now.
  • FTP is functional again and I have processed a test upload from start to finish successfully.
  • Awesome! I'll try and kick it around a bit this evening.
  • Ok, so far so good. A couple of questions though.

    Is the contribution system still supposed to be sending notification e-mails to users? I didn't see any notifications to my normal e-mail.

    How often does the cron job send files to the other servers? It looks like it pushed out the large file I uploaded OK after a few minutes, but how long should I normally expect for that to happen?

    Also, the edit download form is still broken.
  • Yes it is supposed to send email come to think of it I never got any either. I will investigate that.

    The cron job runs every hour on :53
  • EMail works again as there was no sendmail handler. I have installed esmtp to push this via krb5-mta01. The GC form works for me now so it should work for upload emails too.
  • A new layout??? for this website (it's only an idea)
  • We already went through a layout overhaul fairly recently. I don't think another one is in order.

    The old layout for reference.
  • WindowsXP wrote:
    A new layout??? for this website (it's only an idea)


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