[Offer] Tons of old Amiga software

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I have currently a massive amounts of floppy disks (about 80) in Amiga format. So, about them i have a few questions:

Can i copy them with normal PC, or are they non-readable by it?
Should i upload them to WinWorld, or should i give them to anyone who wants them?

Some other things i have:
    - Old CDs with software which i am going to upload soon (a lot of them!) - Old driver and boot disks - PsiWin disks, for Psion series 3 and 5

Should anyone want any of above things, feel free to contact me.



  • Plz upload it!!!!!!!

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    They are not readable with PC floppy drives (the hardware doesn't support Commodore's GCR recording format, PCs use MFM).

    You need to use either a pimped Amiga (with HDD, LAN or USB thumb drive) or a PC/Mac with Kryoflux or similar floppy controller board, then convert to ADF images.

    If you haven't any of these, I suggest giving these floppies to someone and maybe he/she could make ADF images in return, of any titles that haven't been uploaded to the Internet's Amigasphere yet.

  • I've recently come to acquire about 1300 Amiga disks of Utilities, Games and Applications. I have in my collection nearly every Amiga made and perhaps can used one to make images of the disks. I think the OP and I would need to discover which of them may not be currently archived online in order to streamline the process.

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