[OFFER] Blast Thru

Blast Thru is an arkanoid-style breakout clone in which your objective is to break all of the bricks on the screen to progress. Blast Thru was developed by Xtreme Games, LLC in conjunction with--and published by--the now defunct eGames, Inc. This offer is for the standalone game, version 1.3, with all features and levels included to which the version bundled with many eGames packages did not (most packages did not have all 40 levels, only ten; and did not have the ability to save custom levels).

Blast Thru was my childhood game, and still to this day my all-time favorite PC game. I grew up speedrunning the ten levels I had from the aforementioned eGames packages. It wasn't until a few years ago I found a disc copy on Amazon (with 3 left in stock, mind you), with the full package. I know very well that if I make only one abandonware contribution, it is this one; the game I loved and played growing up.

Blast Thru is really rare, there are no old game sites with it and eGames has been out of business for a while now and for the most part no longer acknowledges its existence.

I totally grabbed these screenshots from WineHQ, but these are my screenshots and I maintain the game on AppDB anyway. I'll likely get some screenshots proper for WW.

Contents are:

52.0 MB (54,591,488 bytes) ISO File
MD5: 354919ED2343426D70F366B919653FA6


  • Oh my god... the game of my childhood. I remember playing this many years ago and it was a lot of fun :D Please, do have it on this site so I can relive that memory again :)
  • Someone inquired about this to me personally on IRC so go ahead and push this through via upload form.

    He responds "Awesome, thanks. Been trying to find that for a while"
  • Is there any chance for this one?

    BTW. Is version available on eBay the same? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Blast-Thru-Jewe ... 235f0d2507
  • I still have the image on my OneDrive. I just haven't had the chance to upload to WinWorld yet.
  • Damn, I remember playing this on one of the eGames CDs.
    Was it GOG: Red Edition or GOG: Yellow Edition?

    EDIT: I think it was on Collectors Edition: 251 Games. (also from eGames)
  • Normally I wouldn't thank people for bumping threads but you reminded me this existed... and I still have the ISO file handy. Whenever the mirror issues get fixed I'll finally push this.
    bleex wrote:
    BTW. Is version available on eBay the same? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Blast-Thru-Jewe ... 235f0d2507
    Also why the actual fuck would you buy this for that much? I bought my copy off of Amazon for $3.

    e~ In some cases it's actually going for less now.
  • Seems only Mirror #2 had/has some problems, other then that thanks!! :)
  • Played that game for hours along with Mini Golf Master 2 and Speedy Eggbert. Wish I still had them.
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