AMD 2X multiplyer.....

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How far does this AM 2X go back? My friend wants to stick in a 133MHz AMD am486DX4 into an old 66MHz....but does AMD have a 2X multiplyer ?

If the Intel 486DX4 75MHz, 100MHz, have a built in multiplyer or something?


  • Any DX2 has a 2x multiplier, DX4s have a 4x the bus, 3x the clock, or something like that.

  • AMD K6-IIs use a 6x multipler
  • AMD k6-II also maps the 1.5x multiplier to 6x.
  • Heres the AMD K6/2 Multiplayer list.

    266 (66*4 2.2V)
    300 (100*4.5 2.2V)
    333 (66*5 2.2V)
    333 (95*3.5 2.2V)
    350 (100*3.5 2.2V)
    366 (66*5.5 2.2V)
    380 (95*4 2.2V)
    400 (100*4 2.2V)
    450 (100*4.5 2.2V)
    450 (100*4.5 2.4V)
    475 (95*5 2.2V)
    475 (95*5 2.4V)
    500 (100*5 2.2V)
    500 (100*5 2.4V)
    550 (100*5.5 2.2V)
  • I was talking about the built in 2X clock. For example..the 2X clock on the AMD K6-II 400MHz, it works in a 200MHz board because of that.
  • Erm... AMD K6-IIs use an internal 6X multplier...

    Ive got a PC wth a 66MHz FSB going 398MHz...
  • You mean AMD K6-II's just ignore the mainboard jumper config?

    LOL, you told me that ahile back, that you set it to 200MHz and it overclocked to 400MHz from 350MHz.......
  • No, I never said its that, your story keeps changng too often
  • Tim, why not use a faster FSB like 95MHz or 100MHz?
  • Becuase hes using an older 200MHz mainboard that I ASSUME uses a 66MHz FSB.

    I got an old board that my 110MHz uses (yes, theres such thing75*1.5X) 60MHz,66MHz,75MHz,and I think thats all.
  • 66MHz is the highest FSB it can use... with a 3X multiplier... but the K6-2's 6X overrides that...
  • Buy a new (USED) mobo. I think still has a few socket7 mobos.
  • Yea Fish, get a newer comp! I've got a (I *THINK*) 800MHz FSB (or something, it says 800MHz on the MB box)

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