Sortables CAPTCHA Fixed

edited November 2015 in News & Announcements
I've finally got around to fixing the Sortables CAPTCHA which should stop the influx of spam registrations. If you recently registered and your account is no longer working, I may have accidentally deleted it while purging the ~100 or so inactive spam accounts. Sorry.


  • I wonder.... Earlier when I went on the forum index, I saw some generic phpbb theme loaded, but then it went back to normal when I went on the login page.
  • Yeah that was me messing around with the template settings. Should be good to go now.
  • Cool stuff Duff.

    Since that is in place now, I removed the blanket ban against the e-mail domains they were mainly using for spamming.
  • Good stuff, the sortables!
    Congrats, stich,ka0s,duff,someguy~!

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