[OFFER] Various old software in Swedish language

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I have lots of mixed old software in Swedish language that's more or less rare that I've collected over time. Maybe some of them would be interesting? There's a lot of stuff, to much to list at once, but they include stuff like:

Some Internet Explorer currently not in the Library (like 5.0 16-bit, 5.5, 6.0), old Windows Service Packs and updates, drivers, games, patches, shovelware discs etc.

Feel free to ask if there's anything specific that you want me to list.


  • Hello!

    I'd be very interested in MS-DOS/PC-DOS versions in Swedish (except for the ones already here on WinWorld). Also Windows versions pre 3.11, at least 3.0 was released in Swedish, I don't know about the ones before that.

  • Hello mrmanse!

    I don't Think I have that many MS-DOS or PC-DOS, I can get you Swedish MS-DOS 6.2 and MS-DOS 6 to 6.22 Stepup upgrade if you're interested. I can also get you Windows 3.0, Windows 2.03 and Windows 2.11 286 in Swedish.
  • Sorry for the double post, but are you still interested in anything that I have to offer? I can upload it, just say the Word. :)
  • Well, I wanted to hear what others had to say about that. I'm a bit backlogged, and much of what has been uploaded recently has to be ironed out before posting.

    If you have proper disk dumps, then please do upload them. Any that are just collections of files will likely sit there until I get a chance to iron them out.

    PS, to *anyone* who uploads something PLEASE include a good description and why you think it is important to preserve it. Sometimes it is obvious, but I may not always be familiar with the software.
  • Some of the software I have are disk dumps, though I didn't dump all of them myself (don't know if that is a problem), and some of the files I have are maybe out of the scope for this website (like shovelware disks and such)?
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