Windows 95 Beta Build 285 and 286

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OSBetaArchive member find some Windows 95 Beta Builds. The first Beta Build is Windows 95 Beta Build 285 and the second is Windows 95 Beta Build 286. Windows 95 beta build 285 was date to December 16, 1994, it is Beta 2 build of Windows 95. These beta builds was test on VirtualBox.

There are chanages from Windows 95 Beta 285 to Windows 95 Beta 286.

* New image in System Properties.

* Component description during Setup is now on the right of the list, instead of below it.

* Microsoft Exchange shortcut on the desktop has been renamed to Inbox.!zgIXzSzL!pVLR2gIJweCi ... x_8-0oP0iM!m9oziCRI!Uz8neUF_bzho ... mEmiMjMS70
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