[OFFER] Various FDD drivers

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Months ago, I got myself an external floppy drive and it came with a CD where it contained floppy disk drivers from different names such as IBM, Mitsumi, NEC and others. The drivers themselves are for Windows 95 up to ME, as well as for Classic MacOS and I wonder if it would be of any use being here although I'm a little unsure. If I can, I can happily upload the ISO containing them no bother. So, anyone interested?


  • I would like a look at it.
  • I'm interested as well.
  • Seeing as the two of you have taken an interest in it, you can get it here. I was about to upload it to the library but I wanted to wait a little bit, more so for input from either SomeGuy or Duff if it can be added there.
  • Are these really not downloadable from somewhere else?

    If they really aren't I might consider adding them (Reason: fuck Driverguide) I think I may even have a similar CD around here somewhere. Although on Windows 9x there should be little reason not to use a real floppy drive on a real motherboard FDC.
  • Maybe they can be found elsewhere but I didn't think they would be. And I was thinking about how they would work on Windows 9x with real hardware, even on VMs too :|
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