Sceptre X20WG-NagaII-b screen issues

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It's been a while since I was on here, and about a couple of years ago, my dad's old Sceptre X20WG-NagaII-b 20" Widescreen LCD Monitor started to have an issue: the screen looks like there are thick lines (bright or dull when the monitor has a picture or not), and recently, I got my dad a used HP 20" monitor from the Salvation Army and it was in perfect condition, just needed a cleaning. I looked inside the Sceptre monitor itself, and I've never seen a monitor from the late 2000s to have weird connections.

The connections are as follows:

D-Sub and DVI
Power Supply
Monitor controls (power, settings, etc.)

Is it the LCD that is going bad, or is it suffering from failing caps? I do hear a whining noise coming from the monitor itself, so I know for a fact that it could be the caps in the monitor that is going bad. The whining noise occurs when the monitor is turned on and when there is a picture or not on the display.

Should I take the monitor into a repair shop to get that looked at and get that repaired, if it's not too expensive?

My dad's Plasma TV by Sceptre also suffered from capacitor overload (blue sparks came out and died) back in 2013. I got it repaired back in January 2014 and it's still working. And my old Acer 19" Widescreen monitor has a buzzing noise coming from the monitor as well, and I checked the PSU and Interface bard and found nothing wrong, and the audio connection seems looser than a belt in a car.


  • I would suggest taking the cover off and looking for any suspicious caps
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