Mirror 3 down

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Just a note mirror 3 is down. I have no idea why or for how long.


  • Hello,

    Seems mirror 2 and 3 are down, cannot download windows 98, or 2000, or much at all, living in the UK, and the France server has a low ping, and low response time, deeming approximate 1 day to download Windows 98 SE or simply 900mb, normally it takes around 10-20 minutes, cannot download for the time being, thanks for the update though.
  • Mirror 2 looks "up" from here, but it is responding very, very, very slowly.

    No idea what is going on. Nobody ever tells me anything :P
  • Somewhere online there's a WinWorld mirror from a while back that should still be available if you need stuff urgently.
    Otherwise, the olddos FTP can be useful as well as VetusWare occasionally. Also, archive.org is a good place too to hunt for older abandonware if WinWorld is down
  • Just my two cents: If people REALLY need downloads, you can use x10host or some free host to hold some popular software until everything goes back to normal.

    Why is the France Mirror 2 Server slow for you guys? I just downloaded Windows 3.1 and Windows 3.0 PC World Test Drive and the download speed was blazing fast. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that I use Mirror 2 for ALL my downloads. This is in the US.

    Edit: What is the oldos FTP?
  • Once again I will reiterate that Mirror 2 and all of them have bandwidth limits put into place.

    I should note that I have credentials for a new donated mirror sitting in my PM inbox. I will get to this at some point.
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