Request: Finding games....

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Hello all

I'm looking for some games i played when i was younger and i was hoping you could help me?

I don't know their names and my memory of them is pretty bad but it might spark someones knowledge?

game #1:

Name was E-Dome/Z-Dome?? something Dome... You had a car and drove around a dome you could go up ramps and various things and i think you could attack other cars?

game #2:

Some sort of tank game where you used the mouse to look around and shoot. I recall Virgin interactive had some input (publisher?) as their logo showed at the start. I only played the demo and you started out on a beach on a dock you had to shoot turrets and stuff. You had weapon drops via a plane which would circle the island.

game #3:

No idea on the name but this is the one i really want to find. basically you were in a tank or something and you had 4 spots where you could drop a turrent onto from a ship which came out of the sky. Once you had the turret in place you could build other things on the other 4 spots on the outpost. there were other outposts on the map which you could travel to and capture but things would attack your outposts too so it was hard going.

Sorry i know info is sparse but it played these as demo's back in 1997 or 1998... coming onto 20 years ago now :lol: All the demo's were from PC gamer demo disks if that helps?


  • I don't know if this helps but... Maaayyybe Chip's Challenge? :lol:
  • Still looking for these.. Especially since i now have a DOS rig in the works.

  • I can't be of much help based on those descriptions. I've not played many tank games.

    However, I noticed that if I type "list of DOS tank games" into Google, I get this helpful list:

    If you click on one of them, it'll give you the title, a description and even screenshots if available on Google Images, right next to the search results relating to it.

    I hope that's at least a little helpful.
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