[REQUEST] Old Memory Management Programs

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Does anybody know where can I find the following?

Softlogic Solutions Memory Miser 386

V Communications Memory Commander 4.0 (with a working serial)

Quadtel QMAPS v5.16

SoftNet Communication Maximizer V3.3

Thanks in advance!


  • Thanks guys! I was able to install that version (3.03) but only in MSDOS 5. I was looking for version 4.0 because I believe it should at least get me to version 6 of MSDOS. I actually found someone with a copy of this version 4.0 from V Communications, problem is, he has lost the serial number (forget warez serials they don't work - either they lack the last 4 characters or are for a different version) which was in the original package and he forgot to store it or forgot where he stored it so even a serial would do, then I guess I could certainly upload the newer version here in Winworld. I am also trying to help someone write a historical paper on this rather very interesting and rather addictive topic of memory management in the earlier days of the PC and its transition from 16 to 32 bits (DOS extenders), it would be nice for the sake of completeness but anyway...
  • Please do send in that Memory Commander 4 if you have a full disk/installer set dump.

    This kind of memory management certainly can get very in-depth, people used to have virtual contests to see how much DOS base memory they could have free while still having their real-mode networking clients, mouse, CD-ROM driver, and whatever else loaded. There were tricks for using the UMB on 286's, and other tricks that did not require virtual 386 mode. There were tricks for using the HMA memory area, and some drivers had extra tricks to make use of EMS memory. All while dodging around adapter ROMs in the UMB.
  • Hello Someguy,

    I'm a newbie here, but just let me go about looking at how I could upload it and then hopefully someone with the right serial number can finally install it (well a workable serial number could be a challenge to discover, it should be doable for someone with enough time and expertise since all that is needed are the last 4 letters after the dash).

    Yes, those were the days, me and my friends would do just that, a way of showing how much we knew our machines. No different from car enthusiasts pimping their rides. It was challenging and I learned a lot about PC's and how to make things work that today's kids well, just take for granted (but of course it has its good and bad points). Besides memory management, data compression was a very relevant activity for us way back then. Shows how people become so creative simply because of limited resources.
  • Hi,

    I was able to upload the image file into winworld's FTP. The file is memcom4.img, SHA-1 of the file is: 2B789E5C62247C3D59107EB62BDE1D757B5B024B
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