The device cannot start............

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I got a monitor today and decided to add a cheap 2M PCI card I had laying around as a second monitor. Well, Windows doesnt like that idea......


I tried moving it to another PCI slot, yet still didnt work. In order to use the PCI card, I gotta disable my onboard SiS in the device manager. But I want to use BOTH Video cards to do dual monitors can anyone help?

PS: the SiS is AGP and integerated, but when I put it a real AGP card into the slot, the same thing happens, only one can work at a time.


  • HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ... you cant just start two video cards. Youd need XP Pro, AND two COMPATIBLE cards. Ive found ATI Rage II+ cards work well with MGA Matrox cards.
  • Well, My MGA Matrox doesnt work either
  • In 2000 any 2 AGP and PCI cards SHOLD work, so so I was told during that annoying MCSE class.

  • Well, I may go 2000 then.

    And I dont think you can have 2 AGP cards.

    Becuase as M$ statse you can only use 1 AGP and 1 PCI or 2 PCI and no other ways.

    Usually when you put in an AGP card, the BIOS disabled the onboard video.
  • Q wrote:
    In 2000 any 2 AGP and PCI cards SHOLD work, so so I was told during that annoying MCSE class.

    Ah, but you got a cert. :-) You can't beat that when an employer requires that you have MCSE!
  • Ugh, I'm already sorry I mentioned it. It was the WORST class EVER. I mean worse then Clac I. I think I learned nothing, well, let me remember:

    The dual monitors thing
    The difference between WINNT and WINNT32
    RAS (What it is)
    The definition of a 'site'
    That you can't upgrade from NT 3.1 or 3.5 to 2000, but rather only from NT 3.51 or 4 to 2000.
    That when you add a DC to a domain, the ANI looks like a cabal of servers taking a dump on the new one.
    other stuff.

    OK, so I remember a fair bit, but it's all theory! I remember little to nothing about HOW to do it.

    And what's worse, the 2000 MCxx is depricated, and soon MS will refuse me (and any other 2000 MCxx) who hasn't upgraded to 2003 the right to call themselves MCxx.

    And the class was total BS, the 1st teacher was this dude from Pakistan (One of those East Asian -stan's) who had a hard to understand accent and even harder grasp of the subject matter. He was annoying and left about 3/4s the way though to go back to his father as he was having heath issues.

    The guy who replaced him was such a MS zealot (He rearranged the 25+ desks and changed the screen resolution to 'the way MS want's it to be') I hate him to this day. He stereotyped me (He DID aplologize later about it, though) to get a point across, had an annoying way of teaching (The other one did too), and was generally not that great.

    And I had this frickin' ANNOYING lab parter who used to be this truck driver, cheated on the practise exams to 'know why he was wrong', was one of those Trenchers who knew all about everything (Like, kids these days, you know what I mean, you're probably met people like him), and yet fucked about 9/10s of the labs!

    Bottom line: I didn't really earn those 8 letters after my name.

  • Err.... 2000 crashed on my AGP driver :-( much for the dual monitor idea....I may just replace this 17" that was pincushion problems. Nice monitor, 15", good display and the bst thing! ITS Engergy Star Compliant!!!! Im not killing the trees w00t
  • Use AltLinux. It can be easily configured to use 2 monitors. Believe me, I've tried it!

    -=:NOTE:=- this is my 500th post!
  • But I dont WANT to use Linux.

    Anyway, Im sticking with XP. The 15" is going to replace my 300MHz's fucked up 17" and the 17" will probly be used as my laptops monitor(laptop's using IBM PS\2 monitor which cant pass 640x480) or just throw the thing out if I cant fix the 17"
  • Hmmm. I don't exactly know if it is possible to make so in Windows...
  • I had it done in XP. We also did it at school to a computer in the lab for a girl with vision problems that couldn't see the monitor recessed in the desk. We had a second monitor on top of the desk. I guess we got lucky and put the right card in. May have been onboard and AGP or AGP and PCI. Not sure.
  • The driver needs to support dual monitors also.

    I had it done once also with a 2M PCI and my 8M AGP in my 400MHz
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