Network problems

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OK, here's the setup:


In that situation, everything's fine.


In this situation, a 100MB file xfer between BlacII and WinWDCS (Over all CAT5 cable) get's 4KB max. In the other setup (Everything though the router) I can get 4MB max! And going from the Mactop to the server results in ~330K max.

Help ? !



  • errr..... sounds like a switch problem

  • That's the likely truth, but what to do about it?


    PS. And don't give me some crap answer, I'm serious about this.
  • Try plugging net cables into different ports on the switch, see if that helps, but you might've done that already, it's the first thing I do generally.

  • Is the switch new or used?
  • Used. There's NO way I could afford a 16 port managed switch with fiber.

  • Damn. No warranty on it, I suppose. That really sucks. I don't know what to say. You could try posting in the forums at There are some very knowlegeable people there.

    The link for the Networking forum is here:

    Good luck.
  • Hey, so you have 4 computers hooked up? Can't you just connect the computers into the router? Hey,I use my router as a Hub (seriously, I have no other use for it)
  • I have more machines the router ports, and the switch has other advantages.

  • Wow! What a strange way of connecting! I've never seen that.
  • OK One time I had REAL slow transfers (took 20 mnutes to move XP over my LAN)... I have NO idea why it was, but it worked. Heres MY setup:

    (Ill add images later)

    Westell WireSpeed 2200 aDSL modem plugs into internet port on NetGear router. My PC / Server plugs into Port 1, My brothers is on Port 2, then the hub is on Port 4. Then the router plugs into port 1 on the hub, port 2 has my printer, port 3 has the 2GHz laptop, port 4 has the 400MHz.
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  • I only have a 4 port wireless router. I need to get a hub sometime one is on sale. Did you post over at, Q?
  • OK, I cut the switch out of it, but if I ever want to get the Epson, or another machine online, I'll have to use that.

  • netdiagram.png

    Here's mine.

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