Downloaded dBASE 3 but No Disk 2

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I have now extracted the dBASE 3 files and folders but when I execute DBASE I get a message to insert disk 2 from Ashton-Tate but I don't have a floppy drive much less the floppy itself. There are folder named System Disk1 and 2 in the extracted file but I'm not sure how to make the system know I am legit. Sorry to be apain but, like I said, I'm real rusty on DOS and Dbase.


  • Unfortunately we don't have dBase III manual scans here, so I'm not 100% sure how it should be done. But I think you should be able to copy the contents of system disk 1 and system disk 2 in to a single folder and then just run DBASE.EXE from there.

    What are you using to run it?
  • To get a workable dBase III v1.1 install, follow one of the following options:

    Options 1
    Using the archive "dBase III Plus (5.25).7z"
    To use this archive, the program must be installed
    Installs from install.bat ok. Must create target dir on drive x: and then make that dir current.
    Then go to a: and Install from a: (install x:) and files are copied to the current dir on x:
    Only uses disks sys1 and sys2:
    Only installs 8 fiies as follows:
    Start program from dBase.exe. Splash Screen is as follows:
    dBase III Plus Version 1.1
    This Software is licensed to:
    The id.exe has already been used, but not required.


    Option 2:
    Instead of installing, you can just copy the above listed 8 files from system disk 1 and 2 to your target directory.


    Option 3:
    DL the other file from - "dBASE III Plus 1.1.7z"
    This is an installed dBase III archive disk. Just copy these files to your target directory.
  • I know this is an ancient topic, but when dealing with DBASE, that'll happen...

    Anyway I have the same issue - had to repair a registry on an old XP computer with DBASE, and after doing so, the DBASE app opens and then demands disk 2. Hoping beyond hope that the OP sees this and can remember what fixed his issue, or help in some other way. Thanks!

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