[OFFER] Lots of old Software

edited July 2016 in Offers & Requests
Recently at a yard sale I picked up a stack of old software CDs. I was wondering if any of it would be wanted at Winworld. I'm guessing that Office 2000 isn't wanted though.
List: StarCraft expansion set brood war, Microsoft FrontPage 2000, Office 2000, FrontPage 98, Windows NT Service Pack 4, FrontPage 1.0 (mac), Office 97, Windows Project 98, Windows 98, Windows NT, Metrowerks Codewarrior Professional 1 (PC & Mac), Metrowerks Codewarrior Professional 3 (PC & Mac).
Yes I am aware that Winworld already has some of this software.


  • Those Metrowerks CDs would be good. And just for yucks I guess we could add FrontPage 1.0 since we don't have that.
  • It turns out that I also have Code Warrior 5 as well. I won't be able to upload them for a couple of months due to my current internet connection options though.

    PS. Can someone let me know when my copy of Petz II is added to the achieve?
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