Deep Space Nine The Fallen Beta or earlier (Request)

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Hello guys,

I actually have 2 questions/requests:

1: Does anybody know if there exists an beta version (or earlier) version of the game Star Trek Deep Space Nine the Fallen from 2000 available somewhere?
2: Does anybody have the leaked alpha build of Stargate Sg-1 The Alliance ?

Since both answers are going to be very likely negative I decided not to create two threads, I hope this is ok and I thought it's still worth a try ;)

Anyways thanks and have a nice day!



  • Alpha/beta builds of games that old, particularly licensed ones are extremely rare. At the time, there were no open alpha/beta stages as we know them today. The Fallen just doesn't have any, and The Alliance didn't have any leaks.
  • Thank you for your response :) I understand. But what about the magazines that test games ? For example I read an old preview of Ds9 The Fallen where the author stated "we took a look at the beta version of the game..." Did testers of games get a beta version (in the past) so they could make previews or how did that work? Because if so I imagine that at least at that point a beta version existed (only if my interpretation is correct) but of course 16 years later it would be gone.

    Regarding Sg-1 The Alliance - yes you're right, that was my mistake. Leaked would mean that it would be available on the internet. At least one person got the pc alpha version of it (he/she received it to do a coverage of the work) and a few others have the xbox version of the alpha build for reasons I don't know x).

    Thanks for the explanations =)
  • Magazine editors are not really allowed to distribute those, especially if they played it on some event like E3. Whether they even have old beta discs is a story of itself for each and every game they test. But yeah, they often got early game peeks just to create hype on a title, not just for shits and giggles.
  • Thanks for the insight into that process, Plokite_Wolf :)
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