PC (386 or +) DOS Game Installation/File Listing Screenshot

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I made a thread for IBM PC compatible PC (32bit 386 CPU or higher) DOS Game Installation/File Listing Screenshot.

*PC : IBM PC compatible
*CPU : 80386/80486/Pentium (32bit only) (No 16bit/64bit)
*OS : DOS (FAT12/FAT16)

Any screenshot of main game can be found on Mobygames site.
So I attach the screenshot of the game limitingly on this thread.

1) File/Directory Listing of each game disks from original media
2) Manual copy protection checking
3) Installation processing from original Floppy media to Hard Disk or other Floppy disk.

Also I recommend to make another thread if anyone want to post program on Windows or higher.
Please do not steal and attach screenshot from another site. (This should be careful.)
Do not write game request on this thread.
Do not write unnecessary random crap on this thread.
I also welcome to attach screenshot from real PC with Digical Camera or Smartphone's Camera.

This thread is for screenshot.

P.S. I moved this thread to game topic.


Please do Not post topic on this thread.


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