Upload gone wrong.....

'Oy. Ive uploaded a copy of MS-DOS 4.10 OEM from Philips. But the name is doubled and due to the name i'm sure it'll not be in the list of DOS'es...
This is my first upload, keep that in mind. :|
What do I do now?????


  • You do realize uploads are checked manually by admin, right?
  • Oh? Halleujah then.... Ill upload net NetWare 3.12 5-user disks then. It seems there is no NetWare at all here... Or is that not allowed?
  • Netware is filed under operating systems. At a glance your upload was Ok, but I'll have to take a look at the content later.

    I do wish contributers would include label scans.
  • Labels? Explain please
  • Labels? Explain please


    Exactly as it sounds.
  • Ohhhhhh, Well I dont have a scanner handy but ill upload when I get them scanned. I dont think the manual is also required as scan, is it?
  • Ha, ha, yea. Labels: The things on the front of disks with words on them. The things that can tell me a metric fuckton about the software that nobody ever bothers to type in, like exact product name, OEM name, copyright date, part number, sub-revision, and sometimes pretty logos and artwork.

    No, we don't require label scans like some places, and many times the software does speak for itself. But in my opinion it is really good to have them archived. For those browsing our archives, I feel scans help make the products seem more "real".

    Box and manual scans are always a huge plus. Many early 1980s programs are unusable without their manual. Later ones with standard UIs and built in help files are not so critical, but always nice to have.

    Not trying to pick on a new user here, that is just a general issue.
  • Well then... I'll definitely scan labels from now on... Thank you for telling me all this :D
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