USB Dead Drops

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Was browsing around 4chan(don't ask) and I came across an interesting thread, deciding to bring it here.


Something about USB Dead Drops. If you've heard of geocaching, it's a bit like that except involving data and usb drives.
If not, I'll give you the scoop: geocaches are where someone leaves a small container cleverly disguised or hidden in a location. Little trinkets and things are left in them and you can put something in or take, as well as writing your name in the cache's registry.
Well, with these dead drops, it's a little different. Some person typically drills a hole into a wall that is not theirs, puts a usb drive in it, and spacklings the rest. the result is a usb plugin sticking out of a wall for users to connect a device to and share information.

Except when you mix electronics and randomness it gets pretty bad so there's risk of viruses, revolting content, or some clever electronics hackjob designed to break an unsuspecting user's device connected to it.

Pretty interesting stuff, risks aside. The official site is: and there's a map you can use to find the nearest one. PDF version of the 4chan thread is here. Be wary 4chan is for users 18+, so there is some pretty crude and derogative language in use. Only one inappropriate image, but the jpeg artifacts from the conversion cover it up.

You folks hear about this?


  • It's a cool idea but who is gonna be carrying their laptop around all the time, and be willing to prop it up against the wall? Dead drops wireless file shares would be a better idea... but more expensive.

    It's been out for a while, actually, and last time I checked the coverage was very limited, at least in the UK. Not sure how it's progressed from then. I guess a USB extension cable would be useful...

    (I'm pretty sure we all know what's on 4chan...)
  • Looks like a glory hole for USB drives.
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