[Offer] WarCraft 2 Bin/CUE

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I have WarCraft 2 for DOS and put it in a BIN./Cue Format. I wanted to make sure the format is acceptable before uploading.
I also wanted to upload the latest patch for it


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    By all means go ahead. I did a quick look through on the bottomless pit of information (aka the Google) and have not found any commercial sellers at all, let alone the original developer.

    I'm sure you know how to make an upload here (Are they still open?).
  • Blizzard still has patches available on their website for Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal and the Battle.net Edition, and I think even holds Battle.net open for the latter, so it's not 100% abandonware.

    However, there can't be too much harm in uploading the DOS version. I hope. They still haven't taken down a relatively active WarCraft II community at war2.ru that has the Battle.net Edition freely downloadable along with some of their own patch work.
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