I'm Getting a Laptop!!!

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After a long time of waiting, I'm finally getting a laptop that works, not new nor fast, but it works.
The specs listed are to my best knowledge, when I officially get the laptop tomorrow I will post detailed specs.

Brand: IBM Thinkpad
CPU: Intel Pentium 150 MHz
RAM: 64 MB
Hard Drive: 850 MB
CD-ROM: Internal
Floppy: 3.5" External
Network: PCMCIA 10/100
Screen: Color LCD
Battery: Excellent Condition - Holds Charge
Other: AC Adapter and Carrying Case Included

Best of all, it's all free!! :D:D:D


*Update: Network spec added along with RAM correction.


  • Nice!

  • Its pretty good.. especially if it ends up having sound...
  • It does. I think his is a model 760. Mines a 760L. Ive seen many IBM's with a sound card abd integerated speakers. Ive even seen an IBM 486 with it.
  • I am looking for an old pentium/486 laptop for a long time. On the dutch Ebay site those things start at
  • I think I have one of those.

  • I've got a 386 laptop too, doesn't work very well though.

    Name: Ol' Crapper
    Brand: Toshiba T-2000SX
    CPU: Intel i386SX 40 MHz
    RAM: 4 MB Expanded
    HD: 40 MB
    Floppy: Internal 3.5"
    Batt: Dead
    LCD: Partially Screwed Monochrome
  • I got a 486 too.....

    Name: old 486 (my compaq is "The 486")
    Brand: CompuAdd 425TX
    CPU: Intel i486SX 25 MHz
    RAM: 4 MB Expanded
    HD: 120 MB
    Floppy: Internal 3.5"
    Batt: Dead
    LCD: busted 6.5-ish"
    monitor: Havnt tuched the thing, uses whatever monitor is piled up in the corner.
    OS:Windows 95A
    Modem: 2400 Buad
    Network: None/DCC Via serial
  • Mine is:

    Epson Equity LT-386SX
    16MHz 386 (With REMOVABLE 387SX)
    Unknown RAM (Has expansion slot)
    Some modem (Probably 14.4)
    512MB HD
    10.5" Monochrome screen
    FULL keyboard
    1.44MB FDD
    Mouse/Parallel/VGA ports
    10MB Netwk card

  • i cant tell when this was originally written, but since i really dont care im replying either way

  • You know how dumb that is. He has 98 on a 486 40MHz with 20MB RAM.....Why doesnt he just use WIndows 95?!


    If you have 2 [or more] laptops, they can be Networked to share files, printer and one Internet Connection as long as one laptop runs WIN98SE. See Networking Notebooks"

    Ever hear of a proxy server that run on NT4 or 95?
  • Yea, he hasn't heard of XP yet.

    He site still takes about IE 5 as if it was new, and compatibility with IE 3!

    The 2nd one is a long scrolling site of...bightly colored GIFs.

  • i think its safe to say this is a dead site
  • I Have The Laptop! (I got it like 1 week ago)

    Processor: Intel Pentium 133 MHz

    RAM: 40 MB

    Hard Drive: 772 MB

    CD-ROM: IBM 4x Internal

    Floppy: 3.5" External

    Video: Unknown

    Audio: ESS ES1688 with Intergrated Speaker (Great Sound!)

    Net: SMC EZ Card PCMCIA 10Mbit

    LCD: Super VGA 10.4" - 16bit @ 800x600

    Battery: Good Condition - 1 Hour
  • I'd remake the battery if it lasts an hour. I may try that on mine if I can locate some cells and figure out how to open the battery pack
  • Very nice DuffDude! How did you get this laptop? just ask some guy or browse ebay? And what are you going to do with it? MP3? Word processing? What OS are you going to use?

    Dammit! I want a free old laptop too!! :roll:

    some guys have all the luck...
  • that's a great proceesor, if it were 1996
  • Mines a Pentium 90MHz. With 48MB RAM its a shame that thing only came with Windows 3.11 or OS\2 Warp v3.0. Dont get me wrong...OS\2 v3 is GREAT, but Windows 3.11 on a 90MHz is a waste.
  • uummm......

    does anyone know how to OPEN an IBM battery pack. I figured out how to open the case which I unsnap the keyboard, but the battery is tricky. I tripped a corner off the label and its just more plastic I think.
  • I still have that box full of old laptops. I got two of them working, I got them using a homemade rechargeable batterys lol. Right now I have a 900MHz Duron, 512MB ram, CD-RW/DVD, 80GB hard drive, SiS video and a AC97 codec sound.

    The one I have at work is a crapy Pentium 4 at 2GHz with 512MB ram, 160GB HD, ATI Rage XL 8MB video, AC97 codec sound.

    Why in the heck are they making servers and workstations that are made for linux come with a 4 yearold video graphics? ATI Rage XL with 8MB? come on now, put in atleast a ATI that has more then 8MB vram and can handle opengl or direct3d better.
  • TCPMeta wrote:
    The one I have at work is a crapy Pentium 4 at 2GHz with 512MB ram, 160GB HD, ATI Rage XL 8MB video, AC97 codec sound.

    dont call that crappy, its better than what i have

    i got an ast acentia 5260X, same one as jim, but i got only 64mb memory and winnt 4 on it, mine needs a new keyboard too, some keys are dead.

    hmm, why do laptops have to cost so much? bummer.
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