Can anyone get the game "Czorian Siege" working with PCE ?

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Hi all,

I got the game "Czorian Siege" in .TD0 format.
This game is a PC-booter and is key-disk copy protected.
But it doesn't work with PCE, I always get the message "Bad diskette ....."
Don't know this is problem of Teledisk or PCE or my configure ?
Anyone can help me ? Thanks a lot.!75hR0KqK!2aUaDM2a3YGV ... Tmb1Ve9BBI


  • This is message from author of PCE about "Czorian Siege"

    I have never seen this type of copy protection before. It seems
    that the game determines the exact position of all sectors on
    a track by measuring the time it takes to read the sector.
    In order to create a working image, the exact sector positions
    need to be known. Unfortunately, TD0 files don't store this
    information. Maybe it would be possible to calculate it by
    analysing the protection code, but this would be *a lot* of

    I think it is very hard to emulate exact timing of FDC.
  • So if I get a Transcopy dump or a Kryoflux dump then it is possible to run this game with PCE ?
    Anyway, thanks for your reply. :)

    BTW, is it possible to emulate a "LaserHole" game/app with PCE without crack ?
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