Another game that doesn't work under PCE.

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Hi all,

I tried to run the game "BigTop" with PCE a few days ago.
The copy protected version seems doesn't work under PCE, but the cracked version from abandonware site does.
Don't know what's the problem ?
Can anyone help me to take a look at it ?

Teledisk diskimage download :!LtYkWTha!HjYNdTpyr4ZI ... 4MY5nwDxTQ


  • This is the message from author of PCE a few years ago.

    This game measures the time it takes to read a specific
    sector (16/0/1). This fails in PCE because the read timing is
    not precise enough. The disk rotation speed is simulated
    exactly while the FDC is waiting for the right sector, but once
    a sector read has started, data is read as fast as the emulated
    program can read it. This is also the reason why the FDC
    emulation (even in accurate mode) is a little bit too fast.

    The solution here is (once again) to reimplement the FDC
    emulation. I'm not going to fix this problem before, because it
    would take a lot of work to fix a problem that will be solved
    later anyway.

    I think Floppy/FDC emulation seems to be very hard to adjust the timing.
    Big Top works on 486 machine, but too fast.

    It is still impossible to run on PCE.
  • Thanks for your reply.
    PCE's author seems too busy to maintain PCE regular. :?
  • @coolhaken

    I think it is nearly impossible to implement any exact timings of FDC and CPU clock.
    PCE developer seems to be very busy too.

    Big Top runs on real DOS machine. (I also tested on Pentium II based PC too.)
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