Is it legal to get gmod 11 from gamewatcher?

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I downloaded garry's mod 11 of gamewatcher and to my surprise it turns out they redistributed a package that was a few years ago available on . Was it a legal move to download this from gamewatcher or not? I really don''t wan't to get raging emails from the creators of garry's mod. Are downloads from gamewatcher legit or pirated?

Here is the link: ... od-11-full


  • Well if you downloaded a game from an external site for free while the game is only officially sold on Steam, then clearly it's pirated either way, right?
  • Considering this game is several years old, I personally don't believe it's piracy. I think that the latest version is 16. Version 11 is the old version that didn't support full HD and that has MUCH lower system requirements than the ones stated for the current version being sold on Steam
  • pcgeek wrote:
    I really don''t wan't to get raging emails from the creators of garry's mod.

    That won't happen. The creators most likely don't give a fuck about a single person pirating their game. If you downloaded via torrent you might get a DMCA letter but I very much doubt you would downloading via HTTP as it appears that is.
  • Guys this is a wildly inappropriate topic for this website. If you are asking whether or not is legal, then consult proper legal counsel. Otherwise if you are discussing/promoting piracy of a work that is still being sold that is also off-topic for this community and should not occur.

    pcgeek please consider this a formal warning.

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