Norton Textra

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Winworld has a copy here:

It started out as Textra, but was developed by some U of M college guys right in Ann Arbor MI. I know, because they ran an ad on the U of M BBS for testers. I drove all the way from my home town, decided to invest, and took my security in the form of hundreds of 3.5" diskettes and a 1 page "manual" that was stuffed into a 5" x 8.5" envelope.

I sold these to EVERYBODY.

I don't have any left of my own but my good friend is still alive and I know - absolutely know - he has one some place - but w haven't found it yet.

Anyway: It was a damned good word processor. It did VGA under DOS, was smooth and never glitched. This was at a time when I was a card carrying WordStar fanatic (I even used to get the *.* magazine aka Star dot Star).

Imagine if I had held out until those boys talked Symantec into buying it - I'd be like one of the early investors in Microsoft.



  • Awesome story. It is nice to hear of someone that had such a connection to a large commercial product.

    I see I don't have much of a description or history on that entry. I'll have to research that one a bit more and beef it up.
  • Let's see if I can make this happen:

  • I updated the description to Norton Textra Writer a bit and dug up Textra (non-norton) 7.0:
  • Good deal!

    I had uploaded v6.0 to Vetusware some years ago, but it looks to be one of the files that got lost when they had a HD issue (or whatever it was) a couple years back, and I no longer seem to have that stored any place.
  • A correction to the description on the web site: Norton Textra was sold by the book publisher W.W. Norton & Co., not Symantec. It has no relation to Peter Norton or the software bearing his name.

  • Thanks for the clarification. Updated the description.

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