New Years update

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We have a few more hours left to go on the west coast US here but I would like to wish everybody a happy new years. While a lot of things are uncertain about 2017 one thing is - that WinWorld is the strongest today, than it ever has been.

SomeGuy does a tremendous amount of work for WinWorld. This includes sourcing new products for download, writing knowledge about that into our ever-growing extensive library, providing rich content with screenshots and commentary in his regular Software Spotlights, as well as sorting through the endless queue of user contributions. For that, you are the real MVP, and I thank you, as well as the rest of our community thanks you.

On the subject of the WinBoards community, it has gained additional vibrancy and more thought out, interesting discussions. Over the past year or two we have, as staff, made adjustments to our handling of the community, which in turn has resulted in new users joining more rapidly with support topics or other things they can chime in about. In 2017 I really hope that we can continue on great trends and take some additional feedback from users in terms of what would make this community even better. To start with that, I will soon be moving our phpBB from 3.0 to 3.1. This will come with a brand new theme that will feel integrated into our main site. While the idea to have our own custom board system can still be on the table, it is on hiatus. It is a very large endeavor that has originated a lot of "what if" questions, specifically in terms of importing content from phpBB that has existed for over 10 years. The new instance of phpBB 3.1 will be installed after the theme has been completed and tested by a select group of individuals who will be invited by me.

I have a list of bug fixes that I plan to tackle in 2017 for the main site but I do not have any sparkling new shiny things on the table yet. I feel my staff efforts are better placed in making some existing things more stable, and procuring additional resources to be able to continue our expansion.

I would like to also thank all of our users that continue to contribute knowledge and files for our library. I have a few additional users in mind that may become VIP in the near future, so that we can allow them to contribute their knowledge directly into the library. I will also be on boarding a new staff member, or maybe two, in the future. I'm pretty sure I know who I am appointing to the role at this time, so there is no need to nominate yourself for this. I would like to encourage everybody to contribute knowledge that they have to WinBoards as well as files using the designated upload utility if they are applicable to the site. The criteria should be fairly well known, if there's any questions about it please ask. There are instances where people upload new things like Server 2008 or tons of very large beta ISOs that we don't really need to archive ourselves.

From the Staff at WinWorld I wish you all a happy 2017.


  • Happy new year to all!

    (Couple more hours to go here, gonna grab some popcorn and see if the neighbors blow anything up :P )
  • Thanks very much for stitch / SomeGuy and another staff.

    Happy New Year in 2017!

    I hope WinWorld is more better in 2017.
  • Happy (late) New Years!
  • Happy New Year 2017 to all the WinWorld staff and members.
  • As a quick update phpBB 3.2 was released shortly after the initial post was made. I have retargeted efforts on the new theme and extensions over to phpBB 3.2.

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