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Hey guys,

First of all I'm new to the forums, but I've been browsing WinWorld for a while since I got into trying to recreate some of the environments I experienced when I was a child, when I started into computers. I've been testing Windows VMs so far, and trying to run some of the old software I used to see during those times.

But a thing I missed a lot it's the Netscape Communicator suite, which it seems rather incomplete here at WinWorld. Particularly, I'm looking for the 4.x branch of the suite in Spanish. Yes, I'm spanish-speaking, from Chile.

Thing is, exploring the Wayback Machine, I couldn't get any kind of access to the Netscape FTP, where the old versions are stored, and some mirrors out there aren't complete. Internet Archive has a couple of torrents with the full archive, but I thought there must be another way to get to that old FTP, until I decided to install Netscape 7 on a VM, a netinstall executable. There, I found out that it got its files from an http version of the old Netscape FTP... and voila.

The thing is, knowing that the Netscape FTP went offline about 2004, if I remember correctly, maybe we could get all of the old Netscape installers into the database without issues. What do you guys think?


  • The Netscape versions they had for download were all freeware. Winworld focuses more on commercial versions - and there were commercial versions of Netscape sold on floppy and CD, very slightly different from the free ones, but nobody bothers to save them.

    The entire Netscape archive was HUGE. They kept almost every version in every language for every platform out there. There is no way we could host all that here.
  • I understand, but right now the Library has no entries for Netscape in the 4.x branch, and many sites actually point to the FTP for download, which is actually dead.

    Now, I'm kinda talking from the experience I had trying to find the specific version I was looking for, in this case Netscape Communicator 4.7 in Spanish.

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up. I'll be actively trying to find software in the commercial side of things. There are plenty of software in Spanish that I think deserves to be preserved.
  • 02k-guy wrote:


    It's amazing to see that I can explore once again the Netscape FTP, and that maybe the apps that depend on it can survive (with a little hosts file fiddleing, I think).

    Thank you so much!
  • 02k-guy wrote:
    Whatever you do, do NOT look at

    promise me?

    Why should he, or anyone else, are advised not to go there? Is it unsafe? :|
  • Yup. Here's another one for ya:

    Now a little something that helps to find stuff (you folks may already know this):

    When I use this search engine: ... pub-0.html

    It displays a list of "moirrors" for whatever seacrh term you are looking for.

    Also, Once you have a specific name for an item - even if it's not the exact one you are looking for - searching for it /may/ turn up the desired one in the same dir.

    So I might search for "CP32E401.EXE" - an English version, on the off-chace that someone archived others with it.
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