SomeGuy's Explanation of Wabash Disks



  • And even though the hardware was much different, the software was compatible? Pretty ingenious.
  • PDP clones were mainly home computers that read software from a cassette and used TV as a monitor and it was compatible with PDP software but was mainly used for gaming as a game console. PC clones were compatible with IBM software, but were shipped with custom-built DOS. BESM and Elbrus were incompatible with any software which wasn't written especially for them.
  • That clears up everything, thanks. Did PDP clones have an option or even an internal controller for floppy drives like the IBM?
  • Those home computers hadn't neither controller neither the drive. IBM clones had internal drive. Special systems were using tape reel as main storage device.
  • Wow. I understand that IBM intended for home buyers of their PC not to buy FDDs, but use cassettes, but few left the factory without a floppy. Which systems used reel-to-reel?
  • BESM and Elbrus. You can google for them.
  • Looks like the Soviet government used the Elbrus for just about everything, from the space program to controlling and firing nukes.
  • That's true. Elbrus microprocessor was even used to control K-159 submarine's reactor.
    And faulty software opened wrong vessel which led to leakage of nuclear material into cooling system
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    Is she legal? If so, let's seem them titties!

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