[Offer] TimeLine Series

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This thread is for offer TimeLine Software.

*TimeLine 2.00 (1985)

Content : 4 Disk Images (5.25" 360KB - 4EA)

(SHA1 Information)

SHA1:d6c83967f4f524605b765ac3e5f85645b4b60996 / Disk 1 - System Start
SHA1:fc736a243b69dca8e532e55c14ff824f3d5147d4 / Disk 2 - System Run
SHA1:e288dba2b2cd804038cc2340375842d4b48b2cea / Disk 3 - Export
SHA1:2d759b5903f86f7e230dd0371eabdb23440c2dc2 / Disk 4 - Tutorial

(Already uploaded one is modified on Boot ID and file attribute on Root Area. It should be replaced wth untouched one.)

https://winworldpc.com/download/6515E96 ... 04A6F17893

I fixed it a long time ago, but needed verification.

But I've got the copied disk from original owner.

This uploaded disk image is verified.
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